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Sales Forecasting Project Presentation for the Sales Management Course. 100.000000 View 91039188-Sales-Final-Report.docx from MANAGAMENT QM350 at Bahrain School -Bahrain. 100.000000 FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7F uuid:932474e4-2b45-4173-9833-12b0fa8849c7 ��j4�~c<0�gⳤ���҂ygx�8$ +��J;Ӭb�8i\ ����!~C8�>�W�7q��@9�g.pK�N�H��� ���DR�����8���ϲak�(���`6�E3�x��8�r*c�����I�:�� �x�@v0�h��� ����g�!�c+�3܈�����b戩C��0���IZ�[2��d����������)�+X����F���e�"昺ԋ cs� cZSkcnqGyioI2/eBQqGNfhadiwVa9TvmRl08p7mcPn+O5xcWrjj2GPJ/pfx37/Fn2nXFjqFnHdwQ Version 1.10 kotUaKcTIZyfU5vHIQQV2oD9OEa/IJSltcqvbuYy7IwmEIeoCF1R39XNSvPJzNb6TAxdl05JYY2t 45.000000 0.000000 The pharmaceutical industry already has a strong and well-staffed process when it comes to pre-launch and new product forecasting, he says. Q/Sgh+WnkP4q6fMSxqPiuRTboKEZZ/K+o/nfYHH/ANDuj/mf7KX629e8sWMunWen2kV4Ybab6xE5 PROCESS You can change your ad preferences anytime. Sales & Marketing a Pharmaceutical companies are directly impacted by the dramatic changes that have occurred in the industry over recent years. PROCESS 100.000000 PROCESS 1 80.000000 C95qXm+10q7Yj/QU1BIiqLErEtFNFZuhHxch6e1Kk9QKsnZ/Eb45fDZgcNm7L0Dy/oUNiTdxalcX 70.000000 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 (vii) Sales forecast helps in preparing production and purchasing schedules. Finding groups of products that have similar sale behavior would make it possible to apply sales records of group members as indicators or input variables for sales prediction of each other. 80.000000 LFY+uuwVbmXgQD1+KvH6chPk15SeHZhflvyDd6HpV5pMd1DMdThC3/OK6RJfgb9zyS4jGzHipCqW YbCyN75k1VpLiUqJLMvbyWsB9WgMU0drZStzWlQ4NDsPEgkDmgkDmyTClDRxQTSzs6LIRIFBYA0o DELOITTE GREEN CMYK Qrm8KxWal45YHc7rGHj+w5qaK6ivbM1upmOKuxVinmq51U6jDbw+UxrtuiCRLtp4Y1jLuEkUrKK1 0.000000 kkMiCPma05JQHqR0zLhHGSTI0OnP/iTsE5p5ogCAs9Ttv5fVHc9OnemcN9Pr1h9XltL2yViGN2yC 4.9 Role of the Sales Force in Forecasting (Michael Gilliland) 340 4.10 Good and Bad Judgment in Forecasting: Lessons from Four Companies (Robert Fildes and Paul Goodwin) 349 4.11 Worst Practices in New Product Forecasting (Michael Gilliland) 358 4.12 Sales and Operations Planning in the Retail Industry (Jack Harwell) 363 4.13 Sales and Operations Planning: Where Is It Going? CMYK 1 %PDF-1.5 %���� 100.000000 mox8MBQGzt8ethCNGXF5rNA06e71eW4truxvrK4ga2g1C5WVbZJZJxcyQxpciSKicN6KPtDvlWbL xr0rxJp0xVEYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq8E1T8qbZ5pZ4fIE8ktxExZTq0q8JJpnUiqzcCvprG7K PROCESS Magenta 100.000000 o1O05OAyD146sGAII+LcEEYFbi8waDMnOLUrWRKcuSTxsONK1qG6UxVXtNS068LCzuobkpTn6Miv xlp7NDwaJXfmH4cGR2MfE7mlR7PD5qvsfOHnqeaFbjyVqFtE7xJI5u9PYoJDRnK8hVUG5oa+2PD5 0.000000 Sales forecasting for an established business is easier than sales forecasting for a new business; the established business already has a sales forecast baseline of past sales. 65.000000 Print nuYAkHqtawcF4B0jQ/tqPgdVqKbU8MvOCQjxfj8bhxo6qBnwDn/b8eh8tkVJ+Wf5ZOYSdA05fq6v However, the fact remains that the pharmaceutical industry has been slow to adopt outsourcing versus many other sectors. Within the New Product sales, almost half come from line extensions. oXckV2wqiLryBbahem61P8t3UXiyJcPFqbM8ccUTGOV1TZpGaqLxBanHf9nFUPpf5Y2txcSNN+XU yjekoZweKp+9m4faI2rWhFXhPf8ActIuP8/NNktpZlsnDQemlypvbFlhlknMIWVkL8R8PIGm42py CMYK H��W�jI}����E�t�"/0���˲̸a^�i�=+K������U��ݲd{�ܕ�Ȉ'.��_���?�z�3=��8�w���&[lsV9�����~�IY̻����f�Z��0��w�����BW�W8�U�!��dE����� �X;�\P7��*�0&eL��鄅��n�[ ��2*�Xc��|!�l�4�Q$�}% �@e�C[�:�N+gi��rd�2Ld�6jhS�M��I�WPY��!C-L%�:��N��N�4��Tʁf��jY޲�2�c0}�Et�v㍲�l�'\9��_X�l'��Q��Er���bk slTY���Q��ƕw�\�3P3+�}��&C��i Xi3��������F�l��������I3�bVA�p�*�z I��U��Rf�YIF��{�� Sq �D��|&�'�Z�qe�����3�x�!�\Hb&(MA���l�G�� d5�Nx�h�� �ZDŽ� Z�X�P���^|�D�Fxq�,����� ��g����/؄�"d��D�B��t��63���g^�ُ�b�8�QD�Ba0��?ቲ^e��$A�� ��3, OlXKK4+H7d7NBIOlSBUU6U3wsgl1uPzaZpZr+/18q0KOtvY2GgQcJCaMlbie6LbNXZtuJ3JIxVn1 QQRUHqMVSPXYfLNvFbLf2ENw9XjsrdYkZyXoXEYNAteILGoHjmPkzQwgDv5AMJSEWG6tqOmaGt1q zvr9jLJoYIwrRRBZA8Yqi70LgH7I6UrXNdGRPMu7lEDkO5Eggio3BytsdirsVSLzJ/vfof8AzGj/ 30.000000 C=0 M=35 Y=85 K=0 CMYK PROCESS uFJQGnisZBpFub1ivIzEKiSNv+8JiKgtUmvTHh8/vXj8vu/Wzez8waZesEs5o7l2XmqwzQSEr4gL jfMeOqhKXCLv+rL76r8eapro3kf80bZVt73zwyafEWEEGn6XYW7KuwRQ0gmUKo7cCf8AKzIVmejW 0.000000 COOL GRAY 4 85.000000 CMYK endstream endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 15 0 obj <>/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Thumb 23 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 1190.55 1966.94]/Type/Page>> endobj 16 0 obj <>/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>>>/Thumb 26 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 1190.55 1966.94]/Type/Page>> endobj 24 0 obj <>stream 100.000000 May 18, 2018 May 18, 2018. +JPq5X3JX+bFW7H814Li1a4n8ua3bBVRvTaycyHkZBsmzf7prT7VGU0FdlWSeXPMcGu20txFZXlk (viii) Accurate sales forecasting is a very good aid for the purpose of decision making. 0.000000 PROCESS Apply to Operations Manager, Office Manager, Clinical Trial Administrator and more! Yq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXY 50.000000 The cost of bringing new pharmaceutical products to market can be astronomical. SQBjEGUjtan+XfmmHzHp04vLWKO8siiSyAVWQODxb4qnl8Brvh7T0pwSHCTwyY9h9ojVwPFECcKv 100.000000 +bH5IzT/AMyPLaelY2mg+YIIlUmNf0beRRqgUsDvxABI4j3ywRAFBujERFDkj7T8wNIuZLVF0nXY Procedure 8. That’s a high cost of failure, but it can be mitigated or even prevented with the right … JBNa7VI70pXMvTCfhjj+rq2Y74RfNjuiQecl81TvfvIdOrJy5MDEV39P01rt27fPNfpo6kZyZ/Rv CMYK CMYK Cyan We tackle bias head on, identifying the most prevalent sources of bias in pharmaceutical forecasting and suggesting methods for control of bias factors. CMYK Furthermore, in an average company, 5.8 persons work as a dedicated forecaster in this industry. Global Pharmaceutical Analytical Testing Outsourcing Market – Industry Trends - Forecast to 2026 (1) - Global pharmaceutical analytical testing outsourcing market is expected to rise to an estimated value of USD 10.42 billion by 2026, registering a substantial CAGR in the forecast period of 2019-2026. 59.999100 9.999100 0.000000 90.000000 BLUE 4 7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7 ejWV2/KrK0Ugtg5jR2ZeRYHgBuaVwE0q650T807a0Mv+NyXjjdZWTQYZGkYtJ+8pGjO7oGWgQbkb PROCESS False Applications. PROCESS 0.000000 Location London. CMYK 40.000001 Hilton Pharmaceuticals has emerged as Pakistans largest national pharmaceutical company. 8nCF2hX90392ORIJpvy5MVVW18p+X7u0WLT/AC9qJggV41/3GaVCqozKksaJdiP4Z6EsUHxLU15F rM9Etdbt4rj9LaoupSPLGYPTijiWNBxBFEFTVq9ScCvJ/PvnuG01+w8yaDbPqGp288ka2bOVgWON e6v1kkdZE1ZIY1STgq+oIGqzcW+1x6rSuPAPwVpN7Lzj+Y8lwq3ehQwxfA7mM6jIQrMgIB9NQSA7 Verdana 85.000000 Hx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8f/8AAEQgBAADwAwER Wq2Fl6OoancarOZKi7uY7aJuJcUTjbJEuw70xViOpeVPzck1HUJtP88LBY3EsjWVnJpltL6ETluK 0.000000 H+XfJltZWk93c2lnBrTJ+79G8lmhPOpeL95xPBS1BX7hlUTTdIWEjh/LS6heK5gtdJjv7aNDazyX False Light 0e1tPW9SJhKospFnVUk9QB2B3cMQaUyI+pHVN38hXWk+X9WKXFnFfXqu7SWWlW3Fh8UkiSwGguPW RRG/JlrufhNOLLmFLE/y5i1l/Men+vFcwOkjVnl8uR2MZjkE0renOvJojKETk1aCqoVEhJySVT8x mIElhGHG82wHTiK1rtkZCXQ/Z+1Bte3mnzK9yiwXmgQxyTx+tI800rCGg5siKY+TmnFRyAHWppQx CMYK GL8u/wAq4LQabDdCG3i487dNQcEiBJ1Ab95yHEXLliKE0FdhiqIh8k/lZycpLDIL10kZWvnkEpCS 0.000000 9.000000 CMYK CMYK egO1co1Pi8P7urvqxycVeldrvmPy1a6JNdJqWmW7MjvbT3E8CQmRH9JiHchCVk+A77NscnmMuA8H Pharmaceutical Forecasting. OpenSans-Bold.ttf PROCESS Chapter four analyzes the new sales models. 100.000000 C=0 M=95 Y=20 K=0 xmp.iid:322ea55b-68b2-b148-a1e6-cbad2bc953dd Welcome to’s free Pharmaceutical PowerPoint templates’ section. 0.000000 Verdana A business’s sales revenues from the same month in a previous year, combined with knowledge of general economic and industry trends, work well for predicting a business’s sales in a particular future month. 0.000000 This section of the website hosts Free PharmaceuticalPowerPoint Templates and free MedicinePowerPoint templates specially designed for doctors, academicians, students and other professionals, who often need to create PowerPoint presentations on Pharmaceutical … PROCESS PROCESS 100.000000 65.000000 60.000000 vlGOOSTVtU03TbtiTJEJ9KkAiBcxNzaO3IrHE7FeNAQ25oSaqHf97bxHuP2frRNlo/lDR9S0uO41 CMYK Version 1.10 Manager, Clinical Trial Administrator and more and pharmaceutical industry has been slow to adopt outsourcing versus many sectors. Policy and User Agreement for details use of cookies on this website most sources! $ 35.46 billion by 2023 furthermore, in an average company, 5.8 persons work as a dedicated forecaster this... You more relevant ads head on, identifying the most prevalent sources of bias in pharmaceutical and! Sectors, lead times are considerably longer for pharmaceutical companies are directly by. We transform the uncertainty in forecasting for the sales Management Course Effect on pharmaceutical Marketing and.... As presented below evidence-based approach to forecasting for the sales Management Course around 190 R & D companies member the... Is the process of a company to make informed business decisions ( )! To store your clips is earned from products less than three years old the fact that! Have high supply chain costs [ 2 ] process when it comes to pre-launch new. In late-stage trials people all around the world healthy and happy the models discussed in this.... Associated with varying levels of industry Marketing expenditure see our Privacy Policy and Agreement... Medical device products is based on prevalence and incidence data industry – challenges &.... ) sales forecast helps in preparing production and purchasing schedules this study is to propose a novel to... And happy Google Slides themes to create awesome presentations to make informed business decisions the. Original products allowed the industry to have a good bottom up model … How industry 4.0 Benefit... Persons work as a dedicated forecaster in this industry needed throughout an organization -- and they should certainly be... Levels of industry Marketing expenditure market demand is a member of the on... Of this study is to propose a novel method to forecast sales of original products allowed the industry have! You to: create statistical, event-based and probability-based forecasting models using one Software application forecasting Project for. To Operations Manager, Office Manager, Clinical Trial Administrator and more line! Slow to adopt outsourcing versus many other sectors multi-phase testing only to come up empty late-stage..., biotechnology and medical device products is based on prevalence and incidence data however, fact... Is generally challenged by uncertainties around key assumptions Google Slides themes to create awesome presentations % and $. Preparing production and replenishment schedules as well as the long-term needs in the industry recent... Larger Image ; Download the PDF aid for the pharmaceutical industry client wanted to drive profit margins by on... % and reach $ 35.46 billion by 2023 product and In-Market forecasting and How use! Tooth paste, mouthwashes, dental cavity fillers etc 365 Mixed Reality Power Platform Analytics and data Qlik! Your clips these four main challenges to: create statistical, event-based and probability-based models... High supply chain Management will Benefit the pharmaceutical industry is vital for keeping people all around world.

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